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Retro audio tape recorder in motion

Video of an audio tape recorder playing. Vintage audio tape recorder from 1950s. Retro music accessory.

Closeup video of screen with a Db levels in motion

Closeup video of screen with a Db levels in motion. Decibel bars with colors in movement.

A person adjusting the levels of some distortion pedals

A person's hand adjusting the levels with the knobs of some orange distortion pedals that are face up.

Closeup of a music console

Closeup panning effect video of the knobs of an audio console. Input and output console levels. Music instruments and audio consoles.

Electric bass neck

Wooden neck of electric bass upside down with four strings.

Starting an electric guitar

A person plugs in an electric guitar, adjusts the levels, turns it on and increases the volume.

Moving needle on retro audio tape recorder

Closeup video of a moving Db level needle, playing music. Vintage audio tape recorder from 1950s. Audio tape recorder.

Electric guitar volume and tone controls

Volume and tone controls of the electric guitar of a black electric guitar face up.

Strings of an electric guitar

Closeup view of the strings of an electric guitar.

Electric bass upside down on white background

Four-string electric bass with wooden neck is face up on white background.

Wooden neck of a black electric guitar

Wooden neck of a black electric guitar that is face up as seen from the body of the guitar.

Wooden neck of an electric guitar

Wooden neck of a six-string electric guitar on a gray background.

Parts of an electric guitar

Focusing on the bridge, pickups, neck and head of a black electric guitar.

Closeup to an electric bass being played

The base of a wooden neck of a four-string electric bass being played.

Decibel monitor

Close up video of the lights on a decibel monitor turning on and off.

Drummer using drumsticks

Top view video of a drummer playing drums with drumsticks.

Neck of an electric bass

Strings of an electric bass on a wooden neck.

Piano keyboard

Piano keyboard, close up.

Distortion pedals connected

Distortion pedals connected next to each other, seen closely.

Disconnecting an instrument from an amplifier

A person's hand disconnecting an instrument from an amplifier, close up.

Bass guitarist playing

Bass guitarist plays music. Brown bass electric guitar being played by a man.

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