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15 Free Fruit Stock Videos

All videos are free and ready to be used for any creative purpose under the Mixkit License.

Flower arrangements

Floral arrangements of different types of flowers along with baskets and vases with grapes in outdoors.

Slow motion video of a fruit and veggie stand

Slow motion video of an outdoor marketplace with people buying fruit and vegetables.

Gardener tending to eggplant

Close up of the hands of a gardener checking produce.

Closeup of a lemon tree

Close up camera effect of the leaves from a lemon tree on a sunny day.

Woman eating healthy dessert

A woman eating a healthy snack on a sunny day

Cluster of small bananas, closeup

Closeup video of a cluster of small or little yellow bananas over a wooden base. Wellness, nature, fruit, stalk of bananas.

Farmers market stand

Oranges and pumpkins being sold for shoppers that walk by.

Healthy breakfast bowl

Closeup of a breakfast fruit bowl served in a plastic cup

Wooden table with bananas

Small yellow bananas over a wooden base.

Stalk of small bananas over a wooden base

Yellow bananas on a wooden shipping pallet with the camera rotating.

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