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Close up of sunflower

Close up of a sunflower from left to right with water drops on its yellow petals, on a blue background.

Green plant closeup

Green leaves in multiple shades, panning across the screen.

Details of a pair of battered old banknotes

Crumpled and unpainted old banknotes, seen in detail, as the shot goes through each one slowly, with a light that illuminates its folds.

Different banknotes a close up of money

Surface of a few banknotes of different currencies piled up, seen in their small details, showing their colors, letters, lines of printing and texture.

Bread shaped cereal texture in bowl with milk

Taking a spoonful from a bowl of cereal shaped like bread with milk, in a shot close to its texture.

Bowl being filled with oatmeal and cinnamon rings cereal

Bowl being filled with oatmeal and cinnamon rings cereal until the scene is completely covered, from a vertical video.

Texture of a glazed donut with colorful chocolates rotating

Texture of a glazed donut with colored chocolates rotating in a vertical video as the scene slowly approaches.

Slowly rotating peanut butter and peanut donut

Slowly rotating peanut butter donut in a close-up scene in a vertical video.

Texture of a bacteria floating in liquid

Texture of a bacteria floating in blue liquid seen under an electron microscope.

Detail view of the texture of a wooden board

Texture of a wooden board with small grooves and different shades of brown, while the shot moves.

Many metal keys on rings

Many metal keys, hung on some rings, as he takes them he walks through, revealing them in their details.

Man dancing hip hop

A young man with curly brown hair dances hip hop inside an abandoned building covered in graffiti.

Pink and purple bubbles

Pink and purple bubbles moving in the water among silver glitter.

Green liquid texture

Green liquid with glitter moves slowly.

RGB pixels

Close up of RGB pixels on a screen, in movement and changing color.

Closeup video of a hardware microchips

Closeup video of a hardware microchips. Pan and zoom in video of a chip with circuits, microelectronic circuits, chips, transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors, semiconductors, and integrated circuits. Tech video.

Tree trunk

Tree trunk macro close up, panning the whole trunk and bits of moss.

White bubbles dripping down

Small clear drops move slowly across a white background.

Sliced banana

Banana cut into stacked slices viewed in detail, while the camera goes from one side to the other very close, revealing its details and colors.

Beer being served in a glass

Serving beer in a tilted glass viewed in detail as the glass fills.

Green glass bottle of beer detail view

Detail view of the mouth of a covered green beer glass bottle, the liquid inside with some bubbles and with the background out of focus.

Many balls bouncing

Close-up of many balls bouncing off a metal bowl.

Programming codes close up on a screen

Programming codes coming up, in a close-up view on a computer screen.

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