115 Free Animals Art Illustrations

All illustrations are free and ready to be used for any creative purpose under the Mixkit License.

Smiling Hippo standing on its own
Large Hippopotamus standing alone
Flamingo standing on one leg
Jaguar resting in the forest
Cheeky Monkey sitting in the trees
Green Frog floating on a lily pad
Boa Constrictor snake wrapped around a tree brach
Macaw Birds perched in the trees
Finger pressing down on a turtle shell
Decorative, prancing deer
Antelope in a field on a starry night
Brightly colored bird on a branch
Wolf with sharp teeth, barking
Armadillo alone in the desert
Close-up of a Buffalo head
Small blue and brown bird
Kingfisher sitting on a fence post
Small, black and tan goat
Pet bird sitting on a branch
Cat tangled up in Christmas lights
Cat playing with a ball of string
Cat playing inside a packing box
School of brightly colored fish swimming together
Festive cat with a high tail
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