19 Free Swipe Stock Video Templates

All Swipe templates are free and ready to be used in your video editing projects.

Zoom Bounce Transition
Premiere Proproject

Inwards zoom and bounce transition.

Outwards Zoom Transition
Premiere Proproject

Outwards zoom and bounce transition.

Swipe Burn Transition
Premiere Proproject

A burn effect which crosses in from the left and right, distorting as they meet in the middle.

Staggered Title Blocks
Premiere Promogrt

A series of title blocks which move forward towards the focus point of the frame.

Left Sideways Swipe Transition
Premiere Proproject

Swipe to the left and edge bump transition.

Right Sideways Swipe Transition
Premiere Proproject

Swipe to the right and edge bump transition.

Upwards Swipe Transition
Premiere Proproject

Upwards swipe and top bump transition.

Downwards Swipe Transition
Premiere Proproject

Downwards swipe and top bump transition.

Promo Instagram Story
Premiere Promogrt

A simple video promotion story frame. Heading, subheading and sale price fields.

Paper Instagram Story
Premiere Promogrt

Elegant headline box with a paper effect background. Two color layers and a swipe prompt.

Marker Pen Instagram Story
Premiere Promogrt

A grunge marker pen backdrop with bold text.

Liquid swipe left to right transition
Premiere Promogrt

A left to right transition featuring a cartoon liquid effect. First covering the screen before clearing upon exit.

Shape of liquid swipe transition
Premiere Promogrt

Liquid object that grows from the right and expands across the frame.

Liquid Swipe Transition
Premiere Promogrt

A sideways swipe that moves from right to left, generating an ink effect.

Fall In Instagram Story
Premiere Promogrt

An animated heading and subheading falls into the frame. Followed by two smaller headings and a swipe prompt.

Simple Instagram Story
Premiere Promogrt

Video background with a swipe prompt. Headline and subheading.

Headline Instagram Story
Premiere Promogrt

A large heading and left-aligned subheading. Smaller text tagline and swipe icon.

Downwards Wipe Transition
Premiere Promogrt

Liquid effect that swipes down to the right, creating and filling patches within the frame.

Bold Instagram Story
Premiere Promogrt

A bold headline with a two stone subheading and swipe icon.

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