33 Free Shape Stock Video Templates

All Shape templates are free and ready to be used in your video editing projects.

Multi-Circle Transition
Premiere Proproject

Several circles create a blur and distortion effect as the transition rotates.

Triangular Distort Transition
Premiere Proproject

A focus area shaped like a triangle is centred within the frame, containing a subtle distort effect.

Vibrant Shapes Story
Premiere Promogrt

Animated shape background with a headline container, arrows and a single tagline.

Falling Shape Transition
Premiere Proproject

A simple shape transition between clips. Falling from the top to the bottom of the frame.

Travel Board Story
Premiere Promogrt

Animated travel style information board with text and arrows transitions into a headline container with an animated background.

Shape Wave Instagram Story
Premiere Promogrt

Animated shape waves, an angled banner and round heading block. Double line heading text.

Sale Story Board
Premiere Promogrt

Multiple animated shapes, heading and subheading with a tagline.

Solid Stripes Transition
Premiere Promogrt

A solid transition between clips, angled stripes move towards the middle of the frame.

Circle Panel Transition
Premiere Promogrt

Round panel shapes moving inwards to the middle of the frame before shrinking out.

Square Panel Transition
Premiere Promogrt

Square panel shapes moving inwards to the middle of the frame.

Rectangle Panel Transition
Premiere Promogrt

Rectangle panel shapes moving inwards to the middle of the frame before folding upwards.

Triangular Story Box
Premiere Promogrt

Angled shapes with a drop shadow effect. Left aligned text and a read more button.

Border Text Quote
Premiere Promogrt

Animated text border with a glitch effect headline.

Revolving Heading Story
Premiere Promogrt

A rotating text wall which transitions into a clean headline with pricing information and navigation arrows.

Rounded Text Quote
Premiere Promogrt

A background of round text animations and middle headlines which fall in.

Spinning Text Quote
Premiere Promogrt

Multiple text transitions with an animated shape background.

Abstract Flowers Text Quote
Premiere Promogrt

A fast moving text animation with abstract flower patterns.

Hashtag Banner Story
Premiere Promogrt

Rotating text banner which transitions into a tagline wall.

Bold Quote Box
Premiere Promogrt

A simple quote field with an underlined tagline and line background.

Video Shape Instagram Story
Premiere Promogrt

Distorted circle gradients with a video layer, overlay border box and inverted subheading.

Shape of liquid swipe transition
Premiere Promogrt

Liquid object that grows from the right and expands across the frame.

Shapes Title
Premiere Promogrt

A mixture of solid and bordered shapes with a split headline between them.

Bold title with a solid rhombus
Premiere Promogrt

Bold centred text, a sentence of words that load in a couple of words at a time, finishing on a solid shape with a word over it.

Falling Play Button Opener
Premiere Promogrt

A falling play button with a shape burst effect.

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