10 Free News Stock Video Templates

All News templates are free and ready to be used in your video editing projects.

Animated Heading Bar Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

Multiple headline blocks, with an animated drop effect on the main heading.

Flicker Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

Heading block switches from one style to another. Solid subheading and tagline.

Animated Lower-third Block
Premiere Promogrt

A simple lower-third block with a left to right animation.

Word-Flip Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

Animated headline which cycles between words with a static quote tagline.

Newspaper Headline Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

Simple heading and subheading, with a solid background fill.

Tabloid Style Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

A tabloid style, heavy font and background print effect. Animated multi-word headline.

Title Tagline Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

A bold heading with a tagline and boxed call to action.

Multi-line Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

An animated up and aside lower-third with a headline, subheading and tagline.

Animated Box Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

Double headlines with an animated drop-in effect. Subheading appears at the end.

Sideways Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

Simple double heading block, which transitions in from the right.

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