161 Free Line Stock Video Templates

All Line templates are free and ready to be used in your video editing projects.

Diagonal multicolor transition
Premiere Promogrt

Diagonal multicolor transition coming from the border and disappearing in the center of the screen.

Bold Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

A simple bold heading with an animated intro and clearance.

Animated Angled Call Out
Premiere Promogrt

Animated line with a round focus point. Heading and small subheading.

Glitch title
Premiere Promogrt

Three line center-aligned title with glitch animation.

Elegant lower third coming from left
Premiere Promogrt

Elegant lower third coming from left with a bar, a title and a subtitle.

Elegant lower third
Premiere Promogrt

Elegant lower third reveals itself with the path of a bar that slides from left to right. 4K template.

Slides transition
Premiere Promogrt

Multicolored rectangles sliding from the left and disappearing on the right side of the video.

Simple bottom third
Premiere Promogrt

Heading and subheading, animated in from opposite ends of a solid line.

YouTube buttons banner
Premiere Promogrt

Rounded banner box with a hand cursor clicking on Youtube buttons.

Solid Heading Call Out
Premiere Promogrt

Animated filled heading block with a subheading and focus point.

Outlined framed title
Premiere Promogrt

Outlined framed title with three text lines, one of them in outline style, and the top and bottom lines with bold letters.

Lower third coming off a sidebar
Premiere Promogrt

Lower third that comes from a sidebar with a subtitle that descends and a title that rises at the entrance. 4K template.

Diagonal lower third
Premiere Promogrt

Diagonal lower third in the bottom of the screen with a title and subtitle sliding down.

Two steps lower third
Premiere Promogrt

A vertical bar reveals a subtitle sliding from right and then a title appears sliding from the bar. 4K template.

Distorted Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

A distorted square intro effect. Heading and subheading, with an animated exit.

Animated Pill Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

Headline style, with a solid border and rounded edges. Simple subheading and animated clearance.

YouTube banner with logo and buttons
Premiere Promogrt

Youtube banner with a logo, a title, subtitle and a buttons of like, subscribe and the notifications bell.

Modern lower third
Premiere Promogrt

Two lines on the left side and lower third deleting revealing a title and subtitle at the input and output. 4K templates.

Multicolored tubes transition
Premiere Promogrt

Four multicolored tubes sliding diagonally in opposite directions.

Lower third in a text box
Premiere Promogrt

A text box slides from left to right along with a title and subtitle. 4K template.

Color gradient full screen title
Premiere Promogrt

Framed full screen intro/title with a color gradient title with center-aligned description below and a word subtitle button.

Travel Board Story
Premiere Promogrt

Animated travel style information board with text and arrows transitions into a headline container with an animated background.

Animated box title and subtitle
Premiere Promogrt

Simple box graphic with a gradient, containing a heading and sub-heading.

Framed electric title
Premiere Promogrt

Animated electric explosion reveals an outline framed title. A static electricity line goes through the title from left to right changing the color.

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