15 Free Circular Stock Video Templates

All Circular templates are free and ready to be used in your video editing projects.

Circles transition

Premiere Promogrt

Transition of three colored circles appearing from the center outwards.

Animated Circle Title

Premiere Promogrt

Aligned to the middle, round design. Expands in and shrinks out.

Spiral multicolored transition

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Spiral multicolored transition spinning from right to left.

Circles appearing

Premiere Promogrt

Transition of colored circles that invade the screen becoming large and then small again and disappearing.

YouTube channel banner with buttons

Premiere Promogrt

Youtube channel banner with title and subtitle text and a hand-cursor clicking on like, subscribe and notifications bell buttons

YouTube end screen with two video previews

Premiere Promogrt

Subscription end screen with two video previews, with a logo space centered, and a title in the top. Circular background in motion.

Luminescent title and circles with gradient

Premiere Promogrt

Abstract luminescent circles and title with gradient color overlay with a subtitle and a description text.

Dots Instagram Story

Premiere Promogrt

Simple dotted background with two headings.

Title within a circle

Premiere Promogrt

The edge of a circle is formed with the transition of two titles within it.

Circular Glyph Title

Premiere Promogrt

Pulsing digital glyphs with a glitch effect.

Circular Loading Call Out

Premiere Promogrt

Percentage loading interface with a circular progress bar.

Golden Wreath Title

Premiere Promogrt

A circular band design with a gold leaf effect and dust particle animation.

Elegant Floral Title

Premiere Promogrt

A circular band design with a half floral wreath wrapped around the right side.

Animated Round Quote

Premiere Promogrt

Masked video with a circular design. Animated graphics and framed border.

Underlined Minimal Call Out

Premiere Promogrt

Centred call out with two lines of text, fades in, text reveals, the solid color text with a circular focus point in the bottom right.

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