7 Free Christmas Stock Video Templates

All Christmas templates are free and ready to be used in your video editing projects.

Elegant Golden Title

Premiere Promogrt

A rectangular shape, gold leaf finish effect and elegant pattern. With particle animation.

Golden Floral Title

Premiere Promogrt

A rounded logo style design with an animated, golden floral design. With particle animation.

Golden Christmas Title

Premiere Promogrt

A gold leaf effect wreath featuring snowflakes, holly and berries. With particle animation.

Festive Line Title

Premiere Promogrt

A festive title featuring an animated line art tree, star and underline pattern.

Holly And Snow Title

Premiere Promogrt

Festive wreath with snow shapes.

Festive Lights Title

Premiere Promogrt

A round logo style headline with festive lights around it.

Festive Stars Title

Premiere Promogrt

A round logo style with a border of festive stars.

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