Trello Backgrounds: 7 awesome free illustrations to change up your Trello Boards

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Here at Mixkit, we spend a lot of time looking at Trello Boards throughout the day, and we like to change our Trello backgrounds whenever we can.

Not only does updating the background of each board give us something nice to look at, but the right custom image can also help set the tone of a project, and when used effectively, can amuse, inspire or motivate the team.

If you’re a Trello Gold or Business Class subscriber, take a tip from Mixkit and customize your Trello Board background with content from our library of awesome free illustrations, whatever the project you’re working on! Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started:

Free Trello Board Background illustrations for every project

The Work in Progress Board

If you use a Trello board as part of your daily StandUp ritual, choose an image that reflects the spirit of collaboration and getting things done. We love this illustration showing colleagues hard at work together:

The Onboarding Board

Creating a Trello board for your latest recruits? Choose a multi-purpose image that reflects the personality of your team or company. This illustration suggests a warm, friendly office, where even the dog is welcome! 

The Goal Planning Board

If you’re using Trello to create and track team goals, here’s your chance to keep the mood positive, even on those days that one particular target feels a little hard to reach. Consider customizing your board with this awesome Fist Bump illustration to show the team they’ve got this!

The Dev Team Board

Okay, it might be a cliche, but we’ve also found it to be entirely true – our Dev team loves cats! Keep your behind-the-scenes gurus happy with one of our favorite cat illustrations:

The Design Board

Here’s where all the work that goes into making your site or project look amazing lives. Choose one of our most popular and beautiful illustrations to complement your Design Trello Board, like this gorgeous version of a Starry Night:

The Team Meetings Board

We use Trello to facilitate our team meetings and retros. This is where you can have some real fun by changing your Trello Board background each time, keeping your team amused and inspired. Here’s one of our favorite representations of team spirit to start you off (smiley face emoji):

The Personal Project Board

Trello is an essential tool in our working day, so it’s no surprise to us that at least 40% of users create Trello boards to help them achieve their personal goals, too. If you find yourself carding up your dreams, why not choose an image to constantly remind you that you’re on the right track every time you open your board. This colorful Thumbs Up illustration might just do the trick:

Trello Boards can do more than help you keep track of your work. When you add an awesome, relevant background image to your board, you can also say something about the importance of that work, and the spirit of your team. 

Visit Mixkit Art to choose from over 500 illustrations ready for your new Trello background!