How to Use Adobe Premiere Pro

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Dreaming of becoming the next YouTube sensation? Wanting to add the extra edge to your social media posts? Have a music track that needs some visuals to bring it to life?

Whatever your reason, you are here to improve your video editing skills, and you have come to the right place!

We have collected the best Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials, resources and tips to get your skills from beginner to video wiz in no time!

Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro 

So where to start? If you’re a beginner then a complete guide to learn how to edit videos in Premiere Pro is your first point of call. For more advanced tutorials, feel free to jump ahead!

introduction to premiere pro
Tuts+ Introduction to Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

This complete guide to Adobe Premiere Pro is the perfect place to nail down the basics of video editing. From setting up files, to making cuts and all the way to exporting your project, this free course is just over 3 hours of educational content. 

This easy to follow YouTube video is another a great way to get started, and a bit quicker:

Set yourself up for success 

Setting up your computer

Once you have your head wrapped around the basics of Premiere Pro as a tool, it’s a good idea to get your working station organised. Take a quick lesson into how to set up your computer to edit a video with Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to set up your computer video edits
How to set up your computer to Edit Video with Adobe Premiere Pro

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are so many actions within Premiere Pro, and one way to feel like a pro early on is getting familiar with your most likely to use keyboard shortcuts.

keyboard shortcuts for premiere pro
Keyboard shortcuts for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Editing Basics

Editing Basics

When learning all about Premiere Pro, why not go to the source. Adobe has official tutorials, video lessons and tips all about the software to help you get the most out of Premiere Pro. Here’s one of our favourite beginner videos around basic edits in Premiere Pro.

Basic edits in Premiere Pro
Editing basics for Premiere Pro

Editing techniques and cuts

Premiere gal takes you through 7 creative tips to apply to your storytelling. From match cuts, to L & J cuts each of these creative video editing techniques are skills every video editor needs to know:

This is the same for slow mo & freeze frame effects that add more depth to your video projects.

Just add music


Video clips are just half of the video editing process. To complete the scene, start adding audio and music tracks. However, there can be more to it than just dropping in a track, you need to ensure the sound is aligned with the video clip. When recording audio separately, to ensure that crisp sound within your videos, here is how you can sync the audio from the separate track to your video in Premiere Pro

Manually sync audio tracks
Manually sync audio tracks

For a bit more of an advanced tutorial in editing music backing tracks, check out this video tutorial:

Premiere Pro Video Templates

Motion Graphic Templates

Jump straight to advanced video editing skills (or at least look like it) by learning how to add templates to your Premiere Pro video project. Add titles, lower thirds and more with motion graphic files or Mogrts. Learn how to add our free mogrt templates to Premiere Pro: 

Mogrt template premiere pro
How to install and edit Mogrt Templates in Premiere Pro


Learn how to use transitions in videos to give your project that smooth, fluidity that viewers love so much, with this how to guide. Using our free transition templates that come as project files. Once you’ve mastered adding templates, you will cut hours off editing time and add tonnes of wow-factor to your videos.

project file premiere pro
How to install and edit Premiere Pro Project Files

Adjusting color in Premiere Pro

Adjusting contrasts & shadows

Bring that cinematic style to your videos by understanding how to adjust the contrast and highlights throughout the various scenes in your project. This adobe tutorial takes you through the Lumetri Color panel to guide you through improving depth and adding natural-looking contrast to otherwise flat-looking footage.

color grading videos
How to adjust contrast, shadows & highlights

Color Correction and Color Grading

Color grading is a vital part of post-production and includes all aspects of color, like color temperature, exposure, and white balance. Color correction looks at creating neutral color effects that balance your video, while creative color grading can add attitude and drama to your screen.

color grading
How to color grade videos quickly with presets

For a more in-depth color tutorial you can dig into How to color correct with Adobe Premiere Pro

color correct video
How to color correct a video with Premiere Pro Tutorial

Importing and exporting videos from Premiere Pro

Getting videos efficiently in and out of Premiere Pro is an important skill to master early on. For exporting videos out of Premiere Pro there are many different formats to choose from. Understanding your options is the first step at mastering this skill. Read our full article on exporting in Premiere Pro or check out these videos:

Importing your video

Importing videos premiere pro
How to import video files into Premiere Pro

Exporting your video

exporting videos from premiere pro
How to export videos from Premiere Pro

Advanced Premiere Pro Editing Tutorials

Ready to tackle some steeper video editing mountains? Why not try these tutorials around creating LUTs (look-up tables) and exploring the essential graphics panel:

Creating LUTs after effects and premiere pro
How to create LUTs in Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro

Free video editing tools to get you started

Now that you are well versed in helpful Premiere Pro resources, you are going to need some footage, music & templates to test out and further develop your video editing skills. Explore our free collection of video assets that will have you ready to jump on the tools! 

video template cta