How to save videos to your iPhone from the internet

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Your social media game is about to get 10 times stronger! Until recently, it was particularly difficult to download a video to your iPhone. Thankfully, with the latest update to IOS 13, it is now much easier to download videos straight from the internet into your iPhone video gallery. This unlocks a new wave of creative options for your Instagram Stories. Provided you have permission to download the video, here is how you do it:

How to save videos on your iPhone from the internet

With the IOS 13 software update: 

  1. On your iPhone, visit and navigate to a video that you would like to download.
  2. Tap download and accept the file size link.
  3. In the top right corner you will see an arrow with a download bar, and once the video has finished downloading click the arrow and it will take you directly to the video. (If this occurs skip to step 6)
  4. The video will download and be saved in your “Files” folder.
  5. Open “Files” and open the video that you downloaded.
  6. Tap the square with an arrow in the bottom left corner and select “Save video”. 
  7. Go to your camera roll and select videos.
  8. The video may be the most recent download or further back in your gallery as videos sort by date published.

How to download videos on iPhone from Safari

Without the IOS 13 software update:

  1. On your iPhone, visit (or any website) and find the video you would like to download.
  2. Copy the URL of the chosen video.
  3. Visit
  4. Paste the URL of the video into the Search field.
  5. Select the arrow.
  6. Select and hold Download.
  7. Go to the quick action menu and select Download Linked File.
  8. Select the Downloads icon in the top right corner.

Apps to save videos from the internet to your iPhone

Still having trouble downloading videos from the internet to your iPhone? Try one of these apps instead:

  1. DownloadMate
    Download videos from a range of websites that hosts videos and use the in-app browser to locate the videos. However, this app costs $2.99 on the App Store.
  2. Total Files
    A relatively simple video downloader app, with a few restrictions. However, it is easy to use and free.

Quick Tips:

Each new software update is making it simpler to download videos to your iPhone from the internet. And unless you are on the updated software, it can be a challenge to download a video from the internet to your phone. However, there are a few ways to work around the update to ensure you can save videos to your iPhone.

Test out one of the options above by downloading one of our Vertical Videos to your phone and posting an Instagram Story!