How to make simple cinemagraphs for Instagram

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In this digital world, where constantly evolving news feeds fight for our attention, we have found this particular graphic, when used correctly, can be powerful in standing out from the crowd! 

Cinemagraphs are the magical combination of video and photography that together hold your attention and, based on their subject matter, are sure to dazzle any viewer. We’ve gathered tips from our team of media producers to create a simple infographic for Instagram using Adobe Premiere Pro. Remember, the most effective cinemagraphs use a neat looped effect that gives the graphic an everlasting smoothness.

Cinemagraphs are a great way to incorporate movement into your feed and not only look great on Instagram but in blogs, emails and websites too!

Here’s an example of how Cinemagraphs can be used for a website header. Can you spot the subtle movement of the water?

How to create a Cinemagraph from scratch:

You’ll need:

Create a Plan: 

Before you shoot you need to plan! What action is taking place? What will stay moving and what will be still? Movement should be minimal for effective cinemagraphs.

How to shoot a cinemagraph:

Steps for making a Cinemagraph using Adobe Premiere Pro

Cinemagraph Apps

If you do not have Premiere Pro or a laptop, you can still create a cinemagraph using your smartphone. Here are 2 cinemagraph app suggestions for IOS and Android users:

IOS: Cinemagraph Pro for iOS
Download Cinemagraph Pro

Cinemagraph Pro for iOS

Andriod: Cinemagraph
Download Cinemagraph

Examples of great Videos that can be made into cinemagraphs on Mixkit

Don’t have the time or resources to shoot the subject of a cinemagraph? We have selected a range of our videos that can be made into cinemagraphs instead! Pick from the below to practice your cinemagraph editing skills or post on Instagram.

Explore our gallery of Cinemagraphs

Find ready-made cinemagraphs in our gallery and add them to your feed or project today!