How to Edit a Music Video with Mixkit & Orange83

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We recently partnered with Orange83, to take you through an awesome tutorial all about creating stunning Music Videos. Check it out and follow along with all the videos, music & templates used:

Here are all the assets you need to follow along with Orange83‘s tutorial on how to edit a Music Video using Mixkit videos and audio tracks!
Plus, you can use what you create from this tutorial to enter the Made with Mixkit Competition and be in the draw to win a 1 year elements subscription! Find out more by visiting the Made with Mixkit competition details page:

Free Music Track:

Free Stock Videos:

Free Premiere Pro Tutorials:

Now that you have created an awesome music video, why not submit it to the Made with Mixkit competition over on Instagram with the #MadewithMixkit – for all the details visit the Made with Mixkit competition details page:

Made with Mixkit Competition Call to Action