How to Add a Zoom Virtual Background

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Video conferencing is on fire ever since working from home became the overnight, global standard for communicating with peers and colleagues.

Zoom has long been amongst the most favorable video conferencing tools in the market and has tackled issues, such as multiple camera feeds in one meeting, long before it became available on other similar tools.

Now, if you are like me, your “home office” consists of an ironing board that you use as a semi-standing-desk, a pile of comic books that have been gathering dust for a while, and a few nerdy “collectibles” (things that I never threw away that have zero value). If that sounds familiar then maybe your office is not the best place to be showcasing when you are trying to sell your products to prospective clients, or even throughout your daily rituals with your team.

This is where Zoom virtual backgrounds come in to save the day. Whether you want to appear as if you are working from an actual office, from a lunar base on the far side of the moon, or even a picture of your office when it was clean, there is quite literally no limit to what you can change your background too. The best part? There is no need for a green screen and there are hundreds of free images and videos that you can use during your next video call.

Step by step guide on how to enable and use Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom

Start by signing in to the Zoom web portal. Navigate to the “Settings” selection that can be found under the “Personal” sidebar menu selection. Within the “Meeting” option, find the “In Meeting (Advanced)” option and select it. Simply enable the “Virtual Background” option and you are set.

how to enable zoom virtual backgrounds

Make sure to log out from your desktop client and then log back in for the new feature to be in effect. 

Once you have logged out and logged back in, click on your account settings that can be found by clicking on your profile picture. 

Once inside your settings, select “Virtual Background” and either choose a background image or video that already exists in the list. Alternatively, you can choose to upload your own images and videos by clicking on the “+” icon on the right side.

zoom virtual background

Simple as that, video conferences and virtual meetings have just become a whole lot more interesting. 

Fun Zoom Virtual Background Videos

When it comes to adding a Zoom virtual background, there is really no wrong way to go about it. With the options of having unlimited downloads of free zoom video backgrounds as well as free zoom image backgrounds from Mixkit, you can play around with our free zoom virtual backgrounds or explore all of our free videos and illustrations until you find the one that works best for you. 

Envato Elements also offers thousands of videos and photos that you could use as your virtual background. My personal favorites are either videos of busy cafes or news studios that have a number of people walking around behind me. They always seem to be the ones that score a laugh when the meeting participants realize.

Free Cafe Video Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Free Illustration Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

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