Free Sustainability Stock Footage and Positive Impact Videos

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Are you looking for videos that demonstrate sustainable practices, or have a focus on the community?

You have come to the right place, as we have curated a collection of free stock footage that is all about positive impacts on people and the environment.

If your brand and business values making a positive impact on society, you can use this collection of free videos to display the important message of being a business for good to your audience. This means showcasing your focus on sustainability, ethical consumerism, and having a positive impact on your workers as well as the wider community. 

We have hand picked our favourite stock videos around sustainability, people, workplace and the environment to assist you in creating a video that can be a perfect base for your “force for good” message.

Free Sustainability Stock Footage

Tell your sustainability story with these 6 videos. Free sustainable videos are perfect for visually depicting clean energy production, and an interest in reducing carbon emissions. 

Free Positive Impact Workplace Stock Videos

Show that your business provides spaces that have a positive impact on workers, as well as the flexibility to work from home or remotely in a shared workspace. 

Free Community and People Stock Footage 

Demonstrate that your business decisions are not only based on profit, but also the planet and people! These people videos show a positive impact on the community from grassroots organisations to protecting our future generations.

Free Environment Stock Footage

Use stunning nature shots to highlight how you are providing a positive impact on the environment and to show the importance of looking after the planet we call home.

If your values encompass sustainability, and you are doing well by doing good, why not create a video with free positive impact stock footage and share your belief of purpose over profit with the world! Make the best impact with your video by choosing high quality stock footage. For more videos explore our growing library of free stock videos.

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