Best Free Living Room Wall Art to Download from Mixkit

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Consider the difference you feel when you walk into a space decorated with interesting and beautiful art, compared to bare, impersonal walls. Artwork can bring a huge amount of warmth to your home, transforming your living room, bedroom or work space into a far more personal environment. The best part? Jazzing up your walls with amazing art does not have to cost you the earth when you choose free art from Mixkit!

Best living room wall decor ideas

Need some inspiration before committing any nails to a wall? We have 4 awesome ideas around how you can use our art to liven up those blank walls:

1. Large Wall Art

Simply select one artwork that suits the coloring of your space and enlarges it to command attention. You could try a vibrant abstract work, or go for a monochrome minimalist style piece.

large artwork framed on a wall

2. Create a Gallery

Can’t decide on just one artwork that you love? Why not create a gallery of different size frames and complementary artworks to fill the wall. 

collection of art on a wall

3. Try the Casual Lean

Pair a simple artwork with a stunning frame and place it on a side table or prop it against a wall to achieve a relaxed vibe.

mixkit art leaning on a shelf

4. Cover it all with wallpaper or a mural

Create a feature wall with a beautiful pattern or mural to add the wow-factor to a room. Select an artwork you like, expand it, or multiply it to create a pattern. 

Nature mural in empty room

Best artwork for your living room walls

Transform your house into a home by adorning the walls of your living room, bedroom or home office with any of these beautiful artworks. All of Mixkit’s wallpapers are high quality and can be downloaded without watermarks and without copyright. 

living room mixkit art

We hand-pick all of the artworks featured on Mixkit to ensure that they are high-quality and free for use. Choose from over 300 high quality and free to use artworks to suit your taste by exploring our larger range of free-living room artworks.