15 Best Free Premiere Pro Transitions

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Move aside traditional video cuts, it’s time to add the best, super smooth Premiere Pro transitions to your next video! 

While making transitions is usually not the easiest work, now you can simply drag-and-drop plus customize these free, awesome Adobe Premiere Pro transitions! They are perfect for transitioning between clips, titles or simply to add some extra movement and mood to your video. Pair with a great music track and get creative with multi-circles, 3D spins, colorful bokeh-style transitions, and more. Check out this compilation to see them in action:

These transitions are also much easier to use as they are not part of packs, but simply a Project or Motion Graphics file that you can download straight to your computer, open Premiere Pro, drag and drop the transition in your project and start creating. With smooth customization built-in for you to edit colors, speeds, and clips, video editing just became easier than ever!

If you are not entirely sure how to apply your favorite transitions to your project then follow the super easy, step by step guide provided by Adobe. And if you are a beginner that wants to jump-start your career on video editing we have managed to collect a vast amount of resources for you to learn how to use Premiere Pro by industry leaders.

So, let’s get into it! For all the Premiere Pro fans out there, here are the 9 best free premiere pro transitions: 

  1. Multi-circle Transition
    Where several circles create a blur and distortion effect as the transition rotates.
  1. Frame Split Transition
    Where the frame splits into three unique screens, transitioning in two directions.
  1. Subtle Bokeh Transition
    Where white light in bokeh style covers the screen.
  1. Colorful Transition
    Where bright orbs pull inwards to the middle of the frame.
  1. Downwards Split and Bounce Transition
    Where Rectangular shapes pull downwards and split with a bounce effect.
  1. Twist and burn Transition
    Where a right rotation occurs and bright film burn effect appears.
  1. Static Transition
    Where a simple digital distortion appears between clips.
  1. Retro Interference Transition
    Where a dark film interference between clips occurs with a retro tape glitch effect.
  1. Falling Box Transition
    Where there is a box grid transition that falls down between frames.
  1. 3D Spin Transition
    With an upwards motion, spin, and twist transition 3D spin transition is one of the most impressive adobe premiere pro transitions you could use.
  1. Diagonal multicolor transition
    This is a modern, animated premiere pro transition coming from the border and disappearing in the center of the screen.
  1. Circles appearing Transition.
    This transition showcases colored circles that invade the screen becoming large and then small again and disappearing.
  1. Spin and Twist Transition
    The frame twists and spins between frames with a subtle blur.
  1. In and Out Zoom Transition
    A subtle zoom in before a pullback effect transitions to the next frame.
  1. Liquid swipe left to right transition
    Left to right transition featuring a cartoon liquid effect. First covering the screen before clearing upon exit.

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Great news, the fun doesn’t stop here! For almost 100 more, completely free smooth transitions ready for you to use in your next video project, check out: https://mixkit.co/free-premiere-pro-templates/

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