7 creative ways marketers can use stock videos

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Marketers are reaping the benefits of including videos in their strategies. Unbounce found that including a video on a landing page can boost the conversion rate by up to 80%.

Videos are helping marketers to achieve better engagement, increased exposure and memorable messaging. Leading to more conversions. Yet, as marketers, our budgets may not appear as bottomless pots of cash sitting under a rainbow. Instead, they are more like the tip jar from that cafe you can’t quite remember the name of. Enter high-quality, cinematic style, free stock footage!

Stock footage opens up a range of possibilities for improving the look and feel of your brand. Especially when budgets are low, timing is limited or resources are few. So, when you have stumbled upon a gold mine of free HD royalty-free cinematic style stock video footage, you can relish in the joys of making the following marketing videos:

1. Product Videos

Add the extra element to those product videos with behind the scenes stock footage. Show off how your product goes from warehouse-to-customer with a series of narrated clips. These videos are powerful when in the eyes of potential customers who are further along the buyer’s journey, as they can highlight the top features and benefits of your product. I.e. highlighting your sustainable packaging solutions, sourced locally.

2. Customer Testimonials

Happy customers are your strongest marketing tool. Capturing their reviews can help you spread positive word-of-mouth and deliver social proof to potential customers. Yet talking heads can be a bore. Incorporate stock footage into a customer interview or with a testimonial to add more excitement to a glowing review.

3. Explainers

Visual storytelling is vital in helping people grasp new concepts or data easily. When it comes to creating your next explainer video about the latest trend or technology don’t just stick to footage of a piece of paper with a voice-over. Instead, incorporate a variety of stock shots that complement the narrative. These could be animations, aerial scenes or beautiful scenery that relate to the topic.

4. Website Visuals

Bring life to your homepage by including stock footage in the header and throughout your otherwise static website visuals. The movement added to your page will attract the eye of the viewer and can also dramatically influence the bounce rate of your site. Have an awesome lifestyle brand? Create montages of music venues and street hangouts to loop behind your company’s tagline, add a call-to-action and watch the conversions roll in.

Video is super helpful in cutting through the competition. In fact a website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video.


7. Events and Installations

Videos aren’t limited to websites or online. Bring them in front of a live audience at your next event or installation. Run a loop of cinematic mood-setting footage behind your stage or piece clips together to add to the aesthetics of your market stand.

6. Intro & outro videos for Vlogs & YouTube videos

Take your Vlog to the next level by using stock footage in the opening title of your video, or for a smooth close.

If you have got something interesting to say, don’t keep it all in article form, create informative videos that are relevant to your business and upload them on YouTube.


7. Social Media Content

Video has overrun social media. Do not fear, there are plenty of ways you can stand out amongst the crowd. Place videos inside the text to differentiate yourself from the clutter in the feeds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This style of text is super flexible and by choosing the right clip, you don’t have to compromise on legibility. Incorporate a video of a surfer catching a wave into your brand name or into a simple message and you’ll have people stopping mid scroll!

There are heaps of ways marketers can use stock footage creatively. They can be the perfect resource to improve the look of their website, increase awareness of their brand or to add interest to an event. Stock video footage is not a compromise, but a tool to fuel your creativity.