Mixkit’s 19 highlights from 2019

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What a year! 2019 has come to a close, but before we fully immerse ourselves into the new decade we wanted to share 19 exciting highlights that Mixkit achieved and celebrated this year thanks to you, our subscribers, contributors and supporters:

3 New Inclusions

Keyword Search
The transition from categories to keyword search launched in November, with our collection of over 2,800 items now being much easier to browse through and find. While we are constantly growing our library, keyword search has been helpful in finding gaps across topics. Still can’t find what you are looking for? Fill in the form as we are always open to suggestions for topics you would like to see in our library.

Vertical Videos
The collection of vertical videos launched in September with over 100 free awesome videos to choose from. We the prevalence of smartphones and the immersive experience that vertical videos provide, it’s no wonder vertical videos are trending! Perfect for Instagram stories, YouTube music videos, and Instagram TV (IGTV), you can easily incorporate our vertical videos into your content.

New Item Type – Art
Alongside our growing video library, we launched Mixkit Art in June with approximately 100 artworks. We finished 2019 with well over 500 artworks made by talented creators from around the world that have been downloaded over 70,000 times. Each of the artworks has a desktop and mobile wallpaper versions that have been art directed for the best fit on each device. As with our videos, each artwork is completely free and ready to be downloaded for use, anywhere. 

1 Big year with Product Hunt

In February, Mixkit launched on Product Hunt and has been recognized not only as Product of the day, week and month but #2 in Product Hunt’s top 5 most upvoted products for 2019.

In August, following the success we gained from our first launch, it was Mixkit Art’s turn which received #2 product of the month.

1 Chrome Extension

For all the Mixkit Art Lovers, we built and launched a Chrome Extension to liven up empty  Google Chrome tabs. Our beautiful art Chrome extension, Mixkit Art – New Tab, displays a new illustration from our curated collection each time a new tab is opened in Google Chrome. This is another way our contributor artists are using their talents to make the internet more beautiful.

3 Most downloaded Videos

Thanks to our talented video contributors, these are our topmost downloaded videos for 2019 from our community contributors: 

3 Most downloaded Artworks

Thanks to our creative art contributors, these are our topmost downloaded artworks for 2019:

8 Favorite times we spotted Mixkit in the Wild in 2019

We have spotted extraordinary, creative uses of Mixkit videos and art in the wild. Here are some of our favorites: 

A music video featuring Mixkit Videos by @johanthomasbrolin

A demo track featuring Mixkit Videos by @quinn_s

Adobe Premiere Pro effect demo featuring a Mixkit Video by Justin Odisho

Intro to a recipe video featuring a Mixkit animation by Mogumin Channel

Instagram Story video editing tricks featuring a Mixkit video by @RJKaur.xo

A tracing video effect demo featuring a Mixkit video by @hashid2060

An album cover using Mixkit Art by True Samples

Blog article graphics featuring Mixkit art by Mehek Kapoor on Medium

Medium article graphics: What just happened to — empathizing as UX Designers?

We love seeing how you Mixkit. Continue to show us your creations by tagging @mixkit_co on Twitter and Instagram and send us your video links on YouTube and Vimeo. 

Those are 19 highlights from 2019…

Now bring on 2020!