Activities Art

Browse our gallery of runners, readers, musicians and more. From sporty to chilled to hard at work, every illustration is free to download and use.

Ballerina dancing in a red leotard
Woman in a bathing suit and swimming cap, exercising in a pool
Woman running while wearing headphones and holding a mobile phone
Woman relaxing in a pink flamingo pool float
Woman walking, listening to music through headphones
Woman doing yoga warrior pose
Woman playing on a swing under a night sky
Person wearing a VR mask in a virtual reality room
Woman in a large hat sunbathing on the beach
Woman on the beach with her surfboard, looking out at the ocean
Person arranging a series of designs on a wall
Left-handed man sitting at a table, writing in a notebook
Person using binoculars, peering out from behind a bush
Two people sitting down, reading books
Woman listening to music through headphones with bright, 80's style stars in the background
Person holding a tennis racquet and tennis ball
Rollerblades in motion
Two people riding bicycles together
Group of three people jogging together
Woman lying in the grass cuddling a dog, with an open book on the ground beside her
Drumkit with a suitcase and white shirt in front of it
Person holding a vinyl record next to a record player
Performer behind a microphone set on a stand
Side view of piano keys
Person staring at the horizon with a guitar over their shoulder
Woman with a handbag walking her small dog
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