House & Home


Settle in and enjoy our gallery of art and illustration dedicated to the bedrooms, backyards, plants and pets we come home to.

Woman in a robe staring out an apartment window, looking at the city skyline
Pots of succulent house plants in a row
Woman dressed in traditional Chinese clothing holding a festival lantern
Person sitting alone, relaxing with a hot drink
Person reading a book while wrapped in warm blankets, with a cat at their feet
Man sitting in front of a fire, reading from a tablet
Woman lying on a couch looking at her mobile phone
Person sitting on the couch drinking coffee and reading a book
Pile of dirty laundry in the bathroom
Person vacuuming the floor
Person cooking on a stovetop in the kitchen
Hand holding a polaroid picture depicting a woman and her dog cuddling under a blanket
Woman sitting at a computer desk, typing on a keboard
Study with a computer, desk, lamp and chair
Pasta and drinks served on a tray
Couple relaxing on the floor, sharing a pizza