Some things can't be put in a box. Behold our gallery of playful, surreal, weird and wonderful illustrations. Free to download and use however you see fit!

3-D image of an old tape recorder
Mermaid sitting inside a small fishbowl
Portrait of a dreaming woman
Person crossing their fingers in a gesture of hope
Surrealist human heart blooming with flowers
3-D image of a small robot with wings
Portrait of a woman with half of her face under water
Woman on a beach with three figures standing around a fire behind her
Surrealist brightly colored face with horns as ears
Surrealist sad mushroom
Surrealist happy mushroom
Two hands linking pinky fingers
Hand carefully holding the stem of a flower
Red flowers and spinning thoughts
Person with various objects flowing out of the top of their head
Tiny green alien peeking out from behind a space rock
Woman sitting in a rowboat surrounded by lanterns floating in the air
Woman holding a small, twinkling star in her cupped hands
Two hands holding turtles on puppet strings
Zombie in a sombrero, playing the guitar
Futuristic gorilla in a metal suit, holding a helmet
3-D image of a small gold creature wearing a crown
Abstract portrait of a concerned man wearing glasses
Two male statues facing each other
Cartoon meat and bones figure
Surrealist large whale swimming through city buildings
Abstract series of all-seeing eyes
Fireworks lighting up the night sky
Cartoon of a young person in a helmet, floating in pink space
3-D image of a skull with gold teeth and sunglasses
Surrealist purple hand with a pencil poking through the skin