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I am a motion graphics designer located in Riga and I love to create & animate. Mostly I make templates and plug-ins for video editing software, but sometimes I also work on custom projects.

Founding Contributor
3D Spin Transition
Premiere Proproject

An upwards motion, spin and twist transition.

Multi-Circle Transition
Premiere Proproject

Several circles create a blur and distortion effect as the transition rotates.

Frame Split Transition
Premiere Proproject

The frame splits into three unique screens, transitioning in two directions.

Glitch Opener
Premiere Proproject

A fast frame glitch effect and transition with distorted text.

Kinetic Motion Opener
Premiere Proproject

A quick motion template. Bold animated text and fast titles.

Stylish Opener
Premiere Proproject

A bright and colorful opener featuring multiple headlines, split transitions and overlays.

Ink And Water Opener
Premiere Proproject

A liquid ink effect with a wet transition between frames. Bold text and subtle color overlay.

Colorful Transition
Premiere Proproject

A simple color transition between clips. Bright orbs pull inwards to the middle of the frame.

Digital Static Transition
Premiere Proproject

A digital distortion between clips, temporarily distorts the footage.

Static Transition
Premiere Proproject

A simple digital distortion between clips.

Fragment Blur Opener
Premiere Proproject

An elegant opener, slow transition and a fragmented blur effect.

Lower-third Opener
Premiere Proproject

A simple opener featuring multiple video panels and lower-third style headings.

Triangular Distort Transition
Premiere Proproject

A focus area shaped like a triangle is centred within the frame, containing a subtle distort effect.

Bouncing Zoom Transition
Premiere Proproject

A simple bounce between frames. Which zooms in slightly upon transition.

Spin And Twist Transition
Premiere Proproject

The frame twists and spins between frames. With a subtle blur.

In And Out Zoom Transition
Premiere Proproject

A subtle zoom in before a pull back effect transitions to the next frame.

Falling Shape Transition
Premiere Proproject

A simple shape transition between clips. Falling from the top to the bottom of the frame.

Zoom Burn Transition
Premiere Proproject

A sharp zoom accompanied by a screen burn effect.

Zoom And Spin Transition
Premiere Proproject

A simple zoom transition with a spin effect.

Film Burn Transition
Premiere Proproject

Bright and colorful film burn effect between clips.

Twist Burn Transition
Premiere Proproject

Right rotation and bright film burn effect.

Retro Interference Transition
Premiere Proproject

A dark film interference between clips. Retro tape glitch effect.

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